Available credit during separation year.

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 If a couple has decided to separate after many years of marriage, it can be very expensive for both sides. Because over the years, many purchases have been made together, which now have to be divided. So you have to buy a lot of things again to maintain your level of life.

What happens to the former partners in the event of separation?

What happens to the former partners in the event of separation?

In the year of separation, the entire household goods purchased together should be divided fairly. But then each of the partners has to replace the remaining household items and furniture for themselves. Since it is already difficult to get by with less money in the household budget, such additional purchases can usually not be made.

Then you should consider a loan during a separation year, so that by buying lots of nice new things you can cope better with the separation from your spouse. But it is not always easy to get a loan during a separation year, because many banks will then lack the necessary income from the life partner as security.

Borrow money privately

Borrow money privately

In such a case, personal credit is a good thing. To do this, you register as a borrower on an internet platform. Here you describe what you need a loan for, what the loan amount should be and how much interest you are willing to pay on it. Individuals can then decide whether to grant this loan.

These usually do not pay such large amounts, for example, only USD 50.00 to a borrower. If several private lenders deposit into the loan pot, you quickly have your desired loan together during a separation year.

Provide a guarantor

If you want to take out a loan from a bank or a credit institution during a separation year, they often require a guarantor who guarantees the amount of the loan taken out, because the borrower may not currently have any income from the separation.

Here you can then ask your own parents or siblings whether they are willing to sign a guarantee for the loan. To be a surety means that you have to start paying the loan yourself if the borrower is unable to satisfy the loan and is in arrears with the monthly installments.

A small loan for the purchase of household items

A small loan for the purchase of household items

If you do not need so many new and, above all, expensive household items after the separation, you can also take out a small loan between USD 3,000 and USD 5,000 with a foreign, e.g. Cream Bank. The banks and credit institutions there usually pay these amounts unbureaucratically and especially without Credit Bureau request, since they are not affiliated with this German system. So you can easily and easily get a loan during the separation year if you exhaust all possibilities, such as guarantor, private or abroad.

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