Credit despite payment order

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There are situations in which consumers are required to receive a payment order. The most common cause of this behavior is disputes with the wireless service provider or telephone service provider. If a consumer believes that their bill is unjustifiably too high, they simply won’t pay it. He is facing a legal dispute with the company.

The fact that this can result in a payment order is accepted. A notice of dunning will be reported to credit bureau and a negative credit bureau entry will be made. Few consumers know that even in this case, a credit is not possible in most cases despite a payment order. However, it is now becoming clear how valuable the house bank can be.

Advantage house bank

Advantage house bank

Anyone who applies for a loan online despite a payment order must not be surprised at the rejection. Only a standard procedure takes place here. The reminder notice is immediately apparent during the credit check. This automatically leads to a loan rejection because nobody asks the reason for the payment order.

It looks different when the loan seeker goes to his house bank. Before the loan is approved, there is a discussion with the advisor. The latter also checks the credit bureau, but in this personal conversation the customer can explain how this warning notice came about. In addition, he can back up the information he has given with documents.

Now it depends on the bank, but under these conditions a loan approval is possible. However, if a payment order has been issued for an invoice that has actually not been paid, there is no chance of a loan from the house bank.

Loan through a foreign bank

Loan through a foreign bank

A loan despite a payment order is possible through a foreign bank. Best Bank, based in Liechtenstein, grants loans to Germany online, even with a negative credit bureau.In addition to a regular income of at least 1,100 USD and a permanent contract, the consumer can get a loan of up to 5,000 USD.

Foreign banks do not have access to credit bureau, the only security being an employment relationship that has not been terminated and should have existed for more than a year. A credit despite a payment order is also possible under these conditions if the banks in Germany have already rejected it. The loan amount is paid into the customer’s checking account. If expressly requested, the customer can also request payment via the postman.

Applying for a loan is free of charge.

Applying for a loan is free of charge.

Best Bank has an internet presence. It is therefore possible to apply for the loan there directly. A preliminary commitment is made in a short time. A legally binding commitment is only given after all necessary documents have been sent to the bank for examination.

The whole process until payment takes around seven days. After approval of the loan, it will not be reported to credit bureau. If it is always paid on time, an increase in credit is also possible. For this purpose, a new loan is simply applied for via Best Bank despite a payment order. The first loan is initially repaid with the loan amount. The borrower is paid the remaining amount.

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