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If you want to increase your professional career today, you cannot avoid a professional qualification. Often there is a desire to secure better chances on the job market or perhaps to go into self-employment. Training to become a master is not cheap. Very few workers have the money to pay the costs. Not only does the Lender bank provide loans for this progress, but banks also offer a loan for the master school.

The credit for the master school – the prospects

The credit for the master school - the prospects

The employee can go out at a cost of 3,000 to 5,000 USD, which costs the training. In addition to a conventional loan for the master school, the Lender Bankalso provides a loan. The decision to continue professional training is on the one hand an impending job reduction, the training could make him an indispensable employee. But completely missing professional prospects can also be a reason to attend the master school. However, only a master can also call himself who has successfully completed his degree.

The easiest and fastest way is to attend the master school full-time. Since the regular income then ceases, it can still be shouldered with a loan for the master school. A credit must therefore include not only the cost of living, but also all costs and fees incurred during the training. Lender provides loan financing for this purpose and, as a combination, the promotion of taxpayers’ money. The credit for the master school is not tied to any age limit.

This means that older employees also have the chance to improve their job profile, in contrast to an educational loan. It is crucial for this loan that neither the creditworthiness nor the security are relevant.

The state can support the employee with a maximum of USD 10,226. Only 69.5% of the costs need to be financed. The remaining 31.5% are granted as a government grant, without any repayment obligation. Each advanced training ends with a so-called masterpiece, which is again financed in half with a maximum of 1,534 USD with the credit for the master school. The prospective master bears the other half of the sum from his own resources.

The employee should know that the master school is granted full-time with support for monthly living. The amount results from his assets, the number of children, the marital status and other living conditions. Half of the approved amount is credited to the employee as a loan. The other part is released from repayment with a government grant. The loan from Lender Bank offers a low interest rate and, in addition, the loan can be repaid until after the master school has been completed.

Anyone wishing to apply for a Lender loan must submit an application to the responsible office for training support. If a grant is granted, the prospective master does not need to take any further steps. He receives a low-interest loan and the office issues a loan contract that is signed and sent to Lender Bank.

The credit for the master school – the conditions

The credit for the master school - the conditions

If you want to complete the master school alongside your job, you can look for an installment loan and apply to a selected bank. With a credit comparison, a suitable provider can be found with good conditions. The loan application can be made directly via the comparison. The borrower should know that the interest rates given are not relevant for everyone. Interest is usually calculated depending on the creditworthiness, ie whoever has a good creditworthiness receives a good interest rate.

Nevertheless, the annual percentage rate should influence the decision for a loan for the master school. This shows all important costs and fees. The customer should not forget that free special repayments are agreed. This is an advantage if the prospective master can look at a higher salary after successfully completing the examination and could redeem the loan prematurely. With the agreement on special repayments, there are no further costs. The borrower should also consider suspending the installment once a year. This means that a financial bottleneck can always be bridged.

Of course, the loan seeker must have a good credit rating. Ie he should have a sufficiently high income, a clean Credit Bureau and a permanent job. The last-mentioned approval feature does not apply if the employee runs his master school full-time. But in this situation, government-sponsored educational loans are available to cover these costs. The Master’s German State Funding compensates for the loss of earnings for the duration of the master school. The standard rates are graded according to the number of family members. A single person receives USD 697, a married person with a wife and child receives USD 1,122. A grant of 238 USD per month can possibly be granted. Only those with a professional qualification receive the Master’s German State Funding.

The credit options

The credit options

Another loan option is an employer loan. If there are positions for masters in his company, the employer can grant the employee a loan for the master school. However, the employee must undertake to work in the company for some time after the examination. The employee should know that the Credit Bureau must be in order for all loans to be made available. If it contains personal bankruptcies or an oath of disclosure, there is neither money from the credit bank nor an educational loan.

Banks also offer special loan offers for a loan for the master school, the repayment can only be made after the examination has been completed. Until then, the interest will be deferred. The employee receives the creditworthiness or creditworthiness from the Lender Bank’s commitment for a promotional loan and the income to be expected after a successful examination. Banks can also ask for a guarantor as credit protection. Lender bank does not have this restriction.

If the master school is carried out part-time, the employee will receive a loan because he continues to receive his income. However, all other credit options for grants and education should be exhausted beforehand.

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